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Sports Medical Coverage

In addition to being a Sports Specialist Chiropractor, I am also a First Responder certified by the Canadian Red Cross.  I have worked with many different sports over the years including and I would love to continue to work in new sporting environments.  As a first responder I have worked with teams over the course of a season (e.g. North York Rangers, Aurora Barbarians, Barrie Rugby Football Club) but I have also been hired by sporting organizations to provide coverage for multiple teams (e.g. Simcoe County Athletics Association).  Other scenarios I have worked as a first responder in are tournaments and events. 

Each first responder scenario looks a little different and requires different preparation. Contact and combat sports requires the preparation to deal with cuts, scrapes, contusions, fractures and concussions.  Where a triathlon requires different preparation as there may be conditions related to dehydration, heat stroke or cardiac issues.  No matter what scenario I work in, my goal is to keep the athletes safe.  If you have an event or your team needs a therapist, please reach out.  I would love to help. 

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