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Getting you back to what you love

My goal is to get you back to performing at your best as quickly as possible. This starts with gaining a further understanding of the demands of your sport and what you need to perform at your best.  After a thorough examination, we design an individualized treatment plan which often includes a combination of chiropractic manipulation, medical acupuncture, soft tissue therapy and rehabilitative exercises. Nothing matters more to me than your health and performance, which is why I’ve put in so much time and effort into advancing my chiropractic practice and techniques. Please get in touch to schedule an initial consultation.

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Closer to the action!

When I'm not in the clinic I enjoy working as a First Responder at local sporting events. I am certified as an Emergency First Responder with the Canadian Red Cross and have additional training in athletic and clinical taping. I have experience working with many teams and organizations including the Aurora Barbarians rugby team and North York Rangers Junior A hockey team.  Please contact me if you are looking for a trainer for your team or event.


Taking care of you

If you or your child has suffered a concussion it is important to have it managed by a health care professional.  A thorough examination is required to determine the severity of your symptoms and cognitive deficits.  A progressive return to play protocol will ensure a safe and timely return to sport.  Contact us to book your initial examination.

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"First move well, then move often" ~ Grey Cook

If you don't move properly you are more prone to injury.  I'll perform a comprehensive movement analysis and design an exercise/treatment program to develop your movement profile. Having a basic movement competency is important for athletes of all levels and anyone starting a new exercise program. If you're an athlete who has a recurrent injury or would like to reduce the risk of injury, book an initial consultation today.

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